Synesthesia Names for Boys

From Colton to Theodore, here are 20 rich, bold names to consider for your little boy.

Wait, what is synesthesia?

Here is the simplest way i know to describe synesthesia: People with synesthesia have two senses happening at the same time. People with grapheme-color synesthesia associate (or “see”) letters and numbers with specific colors. It’s as if you put red parentheses around the letter a. Here’s an example of the name Heather:

Breaking it down: Every name I see or hear takes on a set of colors based on the letters in the name. To me, the colored blocks on the last line look exactly like what I see in my head when I look at the first line.

Now, let’s get to the most handsome baby boy names:

1. Carson:

Carson is a magical video game from the 1980s.

2. Colton:

Colton loves nature, he’s an Irish countryside.

3. Connor

Connor is a rare find, like a dinosaur on a baseball field at night.

4. David

David is strong and classic.

5. Elias

Elias is bright and optimistic, with a sturdy foundation.

6. Ezra

Ezra has opinions. Very strong opinions.

7. Greyson

Greyson is simply stunning, a city landscape lit up at night.

8. Henry

Henry will be a baker. He loves orange zest.

9. Jackson

Jackson is your favorite childhood storybook.

10. Jordan

Jordan is a wall of confidence. Don’t even try to stop him.

11. Jose

Jose exudes strength, he’s a body builder.

12. Leo

Leo seeks truth. He can tell the difference between right and wrong.

13. Liam

Liam is good friends with David, but he’s a little more fun.

14. Lincoln

Lincoln is the view from the window on a cross-country train.

15. Logan

Logan will never let on how much he loves spicy food.

16. Miles

Miles is an adventurer, he rides his bike at sunrise.

17. Nolan

Nolan is unconventional, but oddly balanced.

18. Santiago

Santiago is the life of the party. He tells good jokes.

19. Theodore

Theodore can’t even try to hide his love for tabby cats.

20. Xaviar

Xaviar is a passionate firecracker. He’s the most exciting of the bunch.

So, what color is your name?

The site also includes an interactive tool for seeing what your name, or any name, looks like. Simply type in any name, and as you type, the “synesthesia” view of your name appears dynamically on the screen. Visitors can then save their name as an image for use as an avatar, or for sharing on Instagram.

Artist, designer and creator of the Synesthesia.Me project. What color is your name?

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