A Simple Illustrated Story for a Snowy Day

Bringing my Nana’s 1940s tale to life with little drawings

Myrtle, my nana, raised seven daughters on Cape Cod in the 1940s. With my grandfather she ran the Hotel Englewood, a fixture on the south Cape through the 1960s. She loved books and recorded stories on cassette recorders from her “command station” overlooking Lewis Bay. At some point, she wrote this poem. It has been passed down to daughters and grandkids for more than 60 years.

Nana’s Snowy Day

First the sweater, then the snow pants,
Then the boots and then the jacket.

Zip the hood and tie the drawstring.
Knot the scarf –– “Too tight!” –– and slack it.

Stuff the hands inside the mittens,
Pat the head and pinch the nose.

This is how we dress our kittens
To go out in the snows.

Flop you down then on the sofa,
Breathing hard through nose and mouth;
Minutes later rings the doorbell;

“Can I come inthide the houth?”

Off the mittens, then the muffler,
Then the jacket and galoshes.

Yank the snowpants, pull the sweater,
Clean the carpet free of sloshes.

Give the child a cup of cocoa,
Wash his hands and wipe his nose;

This is how they drive us loco
When they come in from the snows.

Flop you down, then, on the sofa,
With muscles all a-fray.

Minutes later pipes a question:

“Can I go outhide and play?”

– M. H. M., West Yarmouth, Mass.

A limited number of printed copies of this book are available in my Etsy shop.

Thank you for reading, I hope you’ve enjoyed this!

Artist, designer and creator of the Synesthesia.Me project. What color is your name?

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